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Just as the meaning of the word, our company name ”RUNWAY” aims to discover and setup the runway for young talent to step into the spotlight and eventually takeoff.

Our first focus is culinary talent.

Through cooking classes and selective home catering services we provide the platform and stepping stones to prepare young culinary talents to “strut their stuff” to takeoff to the next step.

We share the passion of young chef’s who want to “show & tell”
and match that with the wish to “learn & enjoy” of people who love to eat.

That is our mission. By offering the opportunity and place for young chef’s to meet and communicate with people interested in the art of food we hope to enrich the everyday life of both parties.


Eating & cuisine is just one of the pleasures that enrich our daily life. The joy of creating a nice and comfortable space and surrounded by beautiful things. The timeless significance of conversation and communication in order to discover new people and new things.

FOOD, DESIGN, LANGUAGE. As keywords in our mission, we aim to provide the platform for budding young talents in these 3 fields, as an opportunity for them to offer their skills in the form of accessible services.


Corporate Data

Studio 2-2-15 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-5418-4455
E-mail info@runway-jp.com
URL http://www.runway-jp.com/
Founded November 11, 2008